11 Things People Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your Anxiety


Anxiety will be terribly harmful and it’s not one thing to just ignore. The worst drawback is that of individuals will know and understand the implication it might have on an individual and find those anxious people as being lazy, head-in-the-clouds and passive.

If you’re not that anxious person, knowing this will assist the way you understand anxiety much better.

  1. Decline invites even when you really want to go.

Sometimes, anxiety is thus draining, that you simply can’t muster enough energy to travel or go out. notwithstanding however excited you were for the event beforehand, once the day truly comes and your anxiety is fully force, you say no. You don’t need to be a burden to anyone if you were to travel, therefore the best option for you is to not attend.

2. Obsess over trivial things other people may not even notice

The truth is that when you continue thinking about what someone did to you is enough for you to start processing the situation for more days! you tend to obsess over every little thing that has just happened now or a week ago, or any time ago, really.

Whatever the case might be, a lot would get confused by the notion that you even observed such things.

  1. Go to bed late, wake up early in the morning

    One of the main problem for you now is certainly sleeping. Of all the situation in your head after the day, you find it difficult to go to bed early.

    Early in the morning, your anxiety problem starts again and ringing several alarms to get things going – even when you are overtired. When your anxiety begins when you just wake up that morning, you can’t do anything to stop it, so you don’t go back to bed.

  1. You constantly fear the worst scenario in every situation.

Before going for your first dates, you were convinced it’s going to go somehow wrong. Before going on any trip, you already believed that everything is falling apart. When you are sick, you become more afraid that something truly wrong with you. The list goes on and on, and it seems silly to others. But for you? It’s real fears. It’s real to you.

  1. You replay conversations over and over in your head.

It does not matter how well a conversation might go with a person, you will always replay that conversation in your head with the fear that you may have said something wrong to that person. That’s why you tend to avoid every confrontation in the first place.

This persistent situation seems to be able to haunt you until it starts going dipper from the inside of you.

  1. You become more worried about yourself when people voice concern for you.

When people ask you if you are ok when you are having an anxiety attack, or when people come to you when you are way over your head with negative thoughts, it makes your anxiety worse. Of course, they all mean well, but when others worry for you, it makes you think – “If they are worried, then I should worry even more about myself!”

  1. You think it’s your fault when someone doesn’t reply right away.

Whether it’s your significant other, your best friend, or sister, you constantly get worked up when people don’t respond to you. People without anxiety would usually not pay it any mind, but for you, it’s a huge deal. Usually, when people don’t answer you or text you back, you think that it’s all of your faults. You always think that you did something wrong, when most likely, they are just terrible at communication.

  1. You sometimes feel like you are having a breakdown every few days, when mention of the future is brought up.

The future is a huge trigger for you. You hate when people ask you what your plans are for the next five years, and it will cause you to retreat. Graduating from high school and college for most people is very exciting, but for you it can be incredibly daunting and scary. You hate when people talk about their own future because it makes you feel like you aren’t good enough.

  1. You constantly compare your success to other people who are the same age as you.

You constantly see on Facebook that people your own age are getting their dream jobs, and it makes your head want to explode. You don’t want to compare yourself to others, but sometimes your anxiety gets the best of you and you can’t help it. You worry if you are ever going to measure up to them and if your goals are ever going to come true.

  1. You replay every mistake you make, and always beat yourself up over it.

Especially if you create an error at work, it will consume your thoughts and might ruin your day, or maybe a week. You perpetually try to try and do the most effective that you simply will do, however, once you accidentally send one thing that you simply shouldn’t, or once you do one thing you weren’t imagined to knock off the workplace, you’ll be able to get extremely down on yourself. Anxiety will really be your worst enemy.

  1.  You are too physically and mentally exhausted to get out of bed sometimes.

The anxiety you have may be so strong, that you feel like not being able to do anything you want to but just lie in bed and cry. sometimes times, the state of the anxiety can be a way too much for your mind to handle, and you might likely tend to take a few days off and rest your mind. Anxiety can have a much effect on our health, and it is not something to do way with easily. This can really be harmful, and many people don’t really know the effects it can have on an individual.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com


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