How To Become The Object Of His Desire


There are many things which attract a man to a woman.

Some factors are obvious and more physical, such as a well-formed body.

But other major factors in attracting the man you desire are more subtly powerful, and involve the way that you present yourself and interact with him.

Every woman has the ability to enhance their sex appeal and have the man they want falling over backwards with desire, if only they can learn to work with what they’ve got.

Although you can’t force attraction, you can create an atmosphere where attraction can grow.

So keep reading…….

How To Become The Object Of His Desire

Embrace your sensuality

How often do you truly take in the world around you through your senses, experiencing all of the beauty and wonder in the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds?

The key to bringing out your sensual self is to start living in the moment.

Instead of thinking about what you need to get done next week, where you would rather be right now, and what happened yesterday, live in the RIGHT NOW.

Take in all that is happening around you and appreciate all of the pleasant experiences you may be having.

When a man sees a woman overcome with bliss at the taste of her icecream, the smell of a rose, or the feel of the warm sun on her skin, he is instantly attracted to the vision of her sensuality.

He starts to imagine if you would look like that if it was his scent you were breathing in, or his skin you were tasting.

And that image is still the one playing in his head hours later.

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Project confidence in your own body

Sensuality is also about embracing your body as it is and feeling completely comfortable in your own skin.

A women who embraces her curves, flaws, and assets is easily a lot more attractive than a woman who is insecure and uncomfortable with her body. You don’t need to be a perfect ‘10’ to be sexy!

A woman who FEELS sexy IS sexy.

The key to feeling more confident and sexy is to focus your attention on accentuating your assets, rather than trying to hide your flaws.

For example, if you have great legs, wear a nice skirt that shows them off!

Or if you have beautiful eyes, draw attention to them by keeping the rest of your make-up minimal and using mascara to frame your eyes with long, dark lashes.

Another vital tip is to always dress to flatter YOUR own body shape and style, rather than just trying to keep up with the latest fashions.

Be a little naughty and show a hint of skin to drive him wild – your toned smooth legs, your cleavage, or your bare shoulders.

Just make sure you don’t show off too much leg AND cleavage at once – go for one or the other in order to maintain a classy appearance!

Dizzy him with your femininity

This is about embracing and flaunting the amazingly unique things about you as a women that drive him wild.

For example, the feel of your soft, smooth skin against his own. Your sweet voice and feminine scent, your curvaceous body, and the way your hips sway as you move.

Have you ever been drawn in by the amazing masculine musk of a man’s scent?

Well, YOU can have the same effect on him. Consider purchasing a new feminine perfume or body lotion which will drive him mad with desire when he gets close to you.

Use soft, sweet voice tones to make him powerfully respond to you on an unconscious level. Demonstrating your femininity in your voice can activate a biological need within him to cherish and protect you as his mate.

Please note that being feminine DOES NOT mean you need to come across as being weak, timid, or incapable of independence. After all, there are plenty of powerful businesswomen who radiate femininity.

It just means that no matter what you do, you are still able to enjoy what it is that makes you a woman, and appreciate what it is that makes him a man.

Attract him to your positive aura

If you can make a man always feel good when he is around you, you are already halfway there.

Warmth and trustworthiness are rated as the number one traits that a person looks for in a relationship partner.

So become a woman who radiates positive energy. Smile, laugh and appreciate the good things in life – you can instantly boost your attractiveness just by smiling!

Men are attracted to women who are able to laugh at themselves and see the bright side of unfortunate situations.

So relax and let your guard down when you are in your man’s presence. Let him see the amazing person you are.

Laugh at his jokes and tease him flirtatiously. Alongside the teasing, add in some really genuine compliments from time to time that will really make him feel good about himself.

Creating this positive aura will make him feel like he is entering a warm, safe haven every time he is around you, where he can relax and be himself.

And you can be sure that he will want to keep coming back for more.

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Draw him in with your sultry bedroom eyes

Did you know that making deep eye contact with your man can literally spark a chemical reaction in his brain?

When you look lovingly and tenderly into his eyes, a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA) activates in his brain. This acts as a natural amphetamine, filling him with pleasurable feelings.

So to instantly send attraction into overdrive, look deeply into your man’s eyes with a gaze of love, desire, and softness.

Let your eyes show him how much you want him.

Run your eyes up and down his body slowly, taking everything in, before you come back up to meet his eyes.

Flick your gaze down to his lips every so often as you’re having a conversation.

He will be unable to ignore the messages your eyes are sending, and will be drawn in by the irresistible attraction you are creating between you.

Once a man has experienced the full effect of being with a woman as warm, sensual and sexy as this, she will become the sole object of his affection and desires. YOU can be that woman. Please watch this video presentation if you want to get real-life dating advice…

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