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Talking About Feelings With A Man


By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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Talking About Feelings With A Man

Have you ever shared how you’re feeling with a man and he looks at you like you’re crazy?  Have you been told that you are too emotional by a man?

It is important to understand that men simply do not understand or process emotions like women.  They also don’t know how to react the way women would like them to when feelings are shared.

Today I’d like to teach you how you can share your feelings with a man without scaring him away.

Yes, men do have feelings

You may be tempted to say that men don’t have feelings because they are content to never share what- if any-emotions that are circulating through their minds.

Contrary to popular opinion, men do have feelings. They simply do not process them the way women do.

Women share, men act

When women are faced with emotions, they want to share.  They want to get it all out and much of the time they want their partner to be the one who gets to hear it.

Men, on the other hand, when they are faced with emotions rising, want to do something.  They don’t want to sit and spew out their hurts, frustrations, anger, etc.

Many would much rather go tinker in the garage with the truck, go golfing, or engage in murder via the Play Station.

Men do not process emotions as easily as women.  They may become quiet or need to leave for awhile in order to calm down.

Apply little pressure

If a man feels pressure to meet your emotional needs, he may end up pulling away.  It’s not because he doesn’t love you; it’s because he just can’t do it or doesn’t know how to respond.

He’s not wired that way.

He is wired to fix problems, so if you come to him saying, “I feel this way and I feel that way…” he simply goes into “fix” mode and will start listing the things that you need to do so that you will feel better.

You, on the other hand, just want him to listen and console you.  Nine times out of ten, he won’t unless you specifically tell him (and remind him) that that is all you need from him.

The bottom line

If you ask older women who’ve been married for decades for some marital advice, many of them will tell you to get a best friend to share your emotions with because your husband is not capable of meeting your emotional needs.

It’s true. They have learned a valuable lesson.

Understand that your man will not be able to empathize with you as well as a woman.  So if you want to vent about the gossip at work or how you don’t look good in any of your clothes, it is probably best to do that with your sister, mother, or a friend.

If you tell your man, he is likely to think you are simply moaning and groaning (again) and tell you to get a new job that you like and buy some new clothes.

He is not trying to be insensitive.

Remember, he simply goes into “fix it” mode and thinks he is doing you justice by helping fix your problems.

Of course there are times when you need to talk to your man about something that is bothering you regarding the relationship.

Feel free to do so, but use positive communication and share without judgment or premeditation’s.

For example, instead of saying, “I’m sick and tired of you always hanging out with your friends and we never get to hang out with mine,” say something like this:

“I love hanging out with your friends, dear, but we haven’t really spent much time with mine. I’d love for you to get to know them better so how do you think we can go about that?”

Keeping it light and positive will go much better and your man will think highly of you for understanding the difference between man and woman’s ability to process emotions.

I hope this has helped you to understand better how a man and woman differ when processing and sharing emotions.

You can share your feelings with your man without scaring him away as you acknowledge that it is not his job to meet all of your emotional needs.

Additionally, don’t forget to simply tell your man what you need from him: just a listening ear, an affirmation, a hug, etc.

That way he won’t go right into “fix it” mode and you will feel heard and affirmed.

After all, isn’t that all you really want anyway?

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7 Ways To Make Him Love You Even More


By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away

Learn exactly what pushes men to leave…and how to NEVER feel abandoned or rejected

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love

7 Ways To Make Him Love You Even More

Do you wish he would love you more? Show you more affection? Understand what your love language is? The old saying that you can’t make anyone love you is true.

Loving someone is an emotional feeling, one deep inside the heart and soul. For the most part, you can’t control who you fall in love with. However, there are things you can do to help the man of your dreams fall in love and stay in love with you.

Read on and I will clue you in on how you can make him love you even more than he does now.

1. Make him feel like a man

With women wanting to be treated as equals, they have learned to be independent and taught to take care of themselves.

It is a great thing to be able to change your own oil or use a power tool, but more than likely your guy doesn’t want to hear about all the ‘manly’ chores you are capable of doing.

He wants to know that he is needed. Let him repair the leaky sink even though you know you can. Ask him for his help with little projects around the house.

Men are fixers and they will appreciate you leaning on them in that respect. Give him a reason to feel like a man. It’s not about playing the damsel in distress, but it is about letting him do the things he likes to be able to do for you.

2. Support his goals

Everyone has goals and dreams they’d like to work towards fulfilling. When he tells you his, do not ridicule him or minimize his goals. They are no more or less important than yours.

His goals may differ from yours, but they are ‘his’. Be supportive, ask questions, and let him know you are interested in what he wants and dreams of accomplishing.

That doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon with him, but you can be his biggest cheerleader. Support him during his training and be there at the finish. If he wants that management position at work, let him know you believe in him.

Let him know that he is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to. Encourage and support him, as he wants to know that you are there for him and he can count on you.

3. Do not become his mother

You may notice his apartment is not as neat as yours, or perhaps he doesn’t pick up after himself at your place.

This does not give you an excuse to turn into his mother. He’s a big boy now and he doesn’t want to hear about how he left his clothes laying on the floor or forgot to replace the empty toilet paper holder.

Ask yourself if it is worth the argument or bad feelings before you snap because he didn’t put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher. You can always have a gentle conversation letting him know how you feel and maybe he will change his ways for you, but if he doesn’t it’s his prerogative. At the same time, do not do everything for him.

When you do laundry and his clothes are still in a pile on the floor, simply say, “I am doing laundry if you have
anything you want washed.” This will go farther than yelling, “You are always leaving your dirty clothes everywhere and I am not picking them up!”

4. Love without giving too much

By nature, women are givers. They tend to give more than they receive and then get sad when they are not treated the same way. It’s alright to give, but don’t give so much that you make him sick.

You will come across as the overprotective mother who spoils her kid rotten because she’d go crazy without his approval.

5. Do not be clingy, jealous, or controlling

You both had a life prior to meeting one another. You have your friends and he has his. Throwing a fit when he wants to go play golf with his buddies or watch the big game will push him away.

Jealousy is an evil demon that has ruined many relationships. If you do not trust him to spend an afternoon or evening with his friends, then you may want to reevaluate the relationship.

If you can’t stand the thought of being apart from him for an evening as he watches the football game, you are showing insecurity, which is a sure way to send him walking. Telling him what he can and cannot do is a huge mistake. Let him know you are secure in the relationship and that you trust him.

6. Communicate with him

Men and women think differently, act differently, and react differently. Accept that he is not you and you are not him. What is important to you may not be so much to him.

Instead of accusing him that he doesn’t understand you or support you, simply have an honest conversation. Mature communication is a huge relationship maker or breaker.

7. Be yourself

He must have seen something in you that he liked to ask you out in the first place. Try not to put on an air or act in a way you think he wants you to.

Be yourself and be happy with who you are. People want to be around positive and happy people, not those who complain about how bad their lives are.

Don’t play the ‘woe is me’ card. Laugh, have fun, believe in yourself and in your man.

I hope these tips help you to see how you can make your man love you even more than he does now. There is always room for improvement in relationships, so getting informed on ways you can contribute to a healthier relationship is wonderful.

Here’s to an even better relationship!

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The Key To An Amazing Relationship


By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away

Learn exactly what pushes men to leave…and how to NEVER feel abandoned or rejected

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love

The Key To An Amazing Relationship

So far, we’ve been talking about how to attract your idea man – now it’s time to get into the other half of dating: keeping your man.

After, what’s the point of finding your dream guy if you can’t have a long-term relationship with him, right?

Contrary to popular belief, things do NOT have to go downhill nor do you have to “outgrow” your romantic feelings for each other. All it boils down to is adapting the right habits to keep your relationship going strong.

#1: Say No To “Quid Pro Quo”

In relationships, giving with the intent of getting something back in return (which is what the phrase above means) is a sure-fire way to sabotage things.

Think about it: when you only do things because you want your guy to do something for you (e.g. say those three words, commit to you, pop the big question), then you’re not being true to yourself.

When a guy catches on that your acts of affection aren’t really coming from a genuine place, it’ll negatively affect his perception of you.

The best kind of connection is based on doing things for each other for the sake of doing so – and not to keep track of who’s giving more. This is why you should double-check your motives when doing anything for your guy.

Ask yourself: “Am I going to (insert deed here) because it’s simply who I am, or do I have an ulterior motive in the back of my head?”

This is a good way to encourage an atmosphere where both of you will keep track of who’s giving more. Pretty soon, contempt will start to sink in; aside from keeping score, you’ll also learn how to keep grudges.

#2: Validate Him

Generally speaking, it’s the men who are the pursuers in the relationship. Of course, it’s totally cool for women to make the first move, but it’s mostly the guy who’s in charge of the following:

– Making the first approach

– Engaging in chit-chat and flirtation

– Working up the nerve to ask you out

– Making the arrangements for the actual date

– And so on…

While not all relationships are like this, your guy has gone through some considerable lengths to sweep you off your feet and make you feel special.

That’s not to say that your own contributions aren’t just as important, but your guy deserves to know what an awesome job he’s doing.

Always remember how important it is to validate what he brings to the table. Otherwise, he might get the idea that you’re not happy – for a guy, that’s the worst feeling to have.

Men take pride in the knowledge that their woman is well-taken care of, so make sure that he regularly hears words of encouragement and gratitude from you.

The flip side to this is that you should know WHEN to give out compliments. Like the first relationship principle we talked about, it’s about being true to yourself. That means you shouldn’t praise him at the drop of a hat.

Giving compliments and showing gratitude does NOT apply when he acts out of line or treats you wrong (i.e. taking you for granted, not respecting you).

With that said, just make sure that you’re expressing praise and admiration only when the situation actually warrants it. You don’t want to set him on the wrong track by encouraging bad behavior!

#3: Avoid Criticism Like The Plague

Whether you’ve been together for a few months or a few years, there’s always the danger of becoming complacent in the relationship. When routine settles in, it’s easy to take things for granted and get a tad bit too comfortable with your partner.

This is something you need to watch out for, so it’s wise to exercise a little self-awareness. Has the level of mutual respect gone down since you first met?

If you think this is the case, one way to put the brakes on this trend is by cutting down on the criticism. Somewhere down the line, you might find yourself not seeing the big picture anymore and treat the relationship from a glass-is-half-empty kind of perspective.

Instead of acknowledging the positive aspects of your man (and the relationship), many women slowly turn into fault-finders and tend to blame their guy for the issues between them.

This is the point where they see their shared problems as an extension of a character defect that their partner has. In this state of mind, you’re less likely to solve any disagreements since you’ll be more focused to accusing your guy instead of getting him to help you resolve it.

Just remember that it doesn’t matter who’s fault it actually is. Whether it’s his or yours, blaming the other person only makes things worse.

To keep things from escalating, think of more constructive ways to approach your guy with an issue. Remember what we said about respect; if you were talking to your boss or co-workers, you probably wouldn’t accuse or blame them if something’s up.

On the contrary, you’re more likely to bring up an issue by stating an observation without judging them. Treating your guy with the same level of respect (the same kind when you first became a couple) tells him that you want to attack your problems as a team – and NOT on opposing sides.

Whether it’s something as simple as household chores or a major issue like raising the kids, try focusing on the following:

– Making an observation of what happened

– How you felt about it

– Offering a suggestion

As you can see, this leaves no room for criticism, which is exactly what you need to preserve the mutual respect in the relationship.

So if your guy tends to be late for your dinner dates, you’ll get a better reaction out of him by saying something like this:

“You know, I’ve noticed lately that I have to wait thirty to forty-five minutes for you. Being on time is important to me so I feel bad whenever this happens. I’d appreciate it if you showed up on time.”

Notice how this way of communicating the problem to your partner steers clear of statements like “What’s wrong with you?” or “I knew you were going to be late again!”

An aggressive approach to handling sticky situations won’t encourage your guy to cooperate. Rather, he’ll feel forced to stand his ground by either firing back – or tuning you out altogether.

Neither of these outcomes are good, so try to observe the way you and your partner handle conflicts while they’re happening. If you notice that you’re hitting him over the head with too much criticism right away, acknowledge what’s happening and do something about it.

Granted that it might take a while to get the hang of these relationship-saving techniques, they’re essentially skills which can be learned over time.

You might have gotten used to dealing with each other in a certain way, but remember this: it’s never too late to introduce a positive trend in your relationship by making a habit out of these principles.

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How to Make A Man Love You



Recently we recorded an exclusive interview with dating guru Michael Fiore (best selling author, you may have seen him on Rachel Ray)

In this tell-all interview, Mike shares a number of valuable secrets for women, including:

– The answer to how love actually works for men (at 2 mins 15 sec)
– How to rebuild the love in a relationship (at 5 mins 50 sec)
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– The three principles women must use for men to take them seriously (at 14 mins 26 sec)

Plus much more!

Listen here: How to Make a Man Love You Interview
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Listen and take notes.

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9 Ways To Tell If He’s A Great Man


By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

If you want genuine men and not just any man, this will challenge your beliefs about love and attraction, and show you the way to become a seduction success story, check this out…

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9 Ways To Tell If He’s A Great Man

Often I receive emails from readers asking me questions about their man, or about how to find great men, and they want to know how to tell if a man is right for them.

Well, obviously every man is different, but most GREAT men, possess most of these qualities (they are listed in no particular order)…

1. A great man will appreciate you for what you have to offer and NOT what you don’t

Great men highly value authenticity and honesty, which is why if you’re a woman who is able to be comfortable with who you are, he’s going to find you much more sexier than someone who’s pretending to be someone she’s not.

Besides, focusing on the things you don’t have is a glass half empty attitude to have, which is going to put a lot of guys off. Men are simple creatures.

A great man won’t want you to change, and definitely not to please him. As long as you remain authentic, you’re the same woman they were attracted to and fell in love with.

2. A great man has a sense of purpose

A great man has goals, dreams, and ambitions. This applies both to his career and his home life. He might not always be at his pinnacle or perfect place, but he’s working towards his goals and looks for a woman who supports and respects his goals and ideals.

If you can recognize a man who has goals and ambitions, and more importantly is actively working towards achieving them, hang on to him! He’s going places!

3. A great man has humility

As much as you may believe that saying sorry or being wrong is a sign of weakness, a great man will recognize when he may be wrong or may have hurt you, and will apologize. Imperfection is to be human.

Recognizing imperfection and allowing for it is a sign of being more human, not less human. Any man who can say sorry when something has gone wrong is able to learn. That makes him great.

If he’s unable to apologize or recognize imperfection, he’s unable to learn and grow.

4. A great man is good at decision making

There are times in your life when you need a man to show leadership, and for those decisions to be made firmly and decisively.

A man who has the confidence to make decisions and stick to them is going to succeed far beyond a man who can’t or won’t make a decision.

The difference?

A proactive man who empowers himself and makes things happen versus a reactive man who gives away that power and only reacts to what happens around him.

5. A great man doesn’t need permission from others to make decisions

A great man won’t need to consult others or gift his power to others to make decisions for him. Part of being an adult is making decisions and taking responsibility for them.

A great man will stand by decisions he makes, without the need to deflect blame or look to others to support him.

Note: On the flip side of this, a great man won’t cater to every whim and desire of yours, as he’ll have a strong internal frame of reference from which to make his decisions.

6. A great man accepts himself for who he is.

A lot of women seek out men, only to change them into something they prefer as they get to know them. A great man doesn’t seek out the approval of others as a measure of self-worth.

Key to his principles is accepting who he is, his strengths, skills, integrity, and passion, and being proud of it. A great man doesn’t ‘need’ someone to complete him or make him into something better. He’s proud of who he is.

7. Great men love it when you take initiative (in life as well as in the bedroom)

Great men support you in your goals and aspirations and when you are taking action to achieve them. Some men will try to hold you back because they have their own ideas about how your family life ‘should be’ but remember you two are a team.

A great man respects someone he can see as an equal. By displaying initiative, being able to problem solve and take responsibility for your own life goals, you are showing him that you are a high status person who is living life at his level.

It also removes any implied sense of neediness and positions you as a team, one that can rely on each other when needed and can achieve more as a team than as individuals.

They say every machine is only as good as the sum of all its working parts, which is why if you can step up and take the initiative, make decisions for yourself, and not look to him to make all the decisions in the relationship, he’ll respect you for it.

Take care of that overdue bill if you have time. Fix that blown lightbulb if you know where the spares are kept. Take charge and seduce him.

You heard right. You take the lead. Ravage him. Show him how you like it to be done. A great man will love you for it.

8. Great men are trustworthy

A relationship is not a competition. A great man is in a relationship for a reason. You may not always understand him or what he’s thinking, but trust me, if he’s in the relationship it’s because he wants to be there, and because he loves you.

Men are simpler than you like to think. If he’s not happy he can leave. But a great man, one who stands beside you in a relationship, is there because he wants to be. Celebrate that.

The trust you place in him will be rewarded tenfold with an amazing relationship.

9. A great man knows balance of busy and quiet.

Life has ebbs and flows and a great man recognizes this and works hard when needed, but also has time for quiet and relaxing. It’s the difference between living to work, and working to live.

Life has challenges and there are times when extra effort is required, both in terms of exertion and time. But to make those hectic, high-pressure times worth it, it must be balanced out with things that bring fulfillment and pleasure.

A lot of men can get caught up in the pace of life and forget what’s important, like time with friends and family, and making time for himself.

A great man understands the demands of busy and quiet times, and part of being in a relationship with a great man is supporting both of those times, knowing that when the pressure is on, there is a goal to be achieved, and the reward is those special quiet times.

I’m sure there are other ways to tell if he’s a great man, but that’s a great start.

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Why It’s OK To Be Flirty


By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

If you want genuine men and not just any man, this will challenge your beliefs about love and attraction, and show you the way to become a seduction success story, check this out…

Free Video: Get A Great Guy Guide

Why It’s OK To Be Flirty

Here’s a fun fact: women today have made incredible leaps and bounds in modern society. Just several decades ago, it was WAY harder for us girls to succeed in what were previously male-dominated fields like sports, business and politics.

The game has radically changed since then, and we now enjoy the right to vote, build a business empire, fly into outer space, or whatever the heck makes us happy and fulfilled.

Of course, making it means having a bit of thick skin and sucking it up when things get tough. In these situations, you need MASCULINE qualities to power on through and succeed.

What qualities are these exactly? Well, I’m talking about the strength of purpose, the ability to see things to completion, effectively handling threats and picking yourself up when you fall.

BOTH men and women have these qualities inside them, and this “fight or flight” response kicks in when the need arises. It’s this attitude that’s enabled you to survive in this big, bad world or protect the ones you love.

In the context of dating however, you’ll need an entirely different set of skills to succeed. To attract the strong, driven men that you’re into, you’ll have to tap into your playful, feminine side.

In other words, you need to be good at FLIRTING.

“But wait,” you might say, “shouldn’t a guy ACCEPT me for who I am and NOT be threatened by my success?”

“Why should I have to turn into a meek, dumbed down version of myself just to cater to his ego??”

And I’d say, of course you shouldn’t apologize for being assertive or headstrong! Any guy worth dating isn’t going to run away just because you’re just as successful as he is.

But what I’m saying is that dropping one’s guard just a LITTLE and offering a GLIMPSE of your soft side NEVER made a woman look WEAK in her man’s eyes.

But what does flirting have to do with ATTRACTING quality men?

Let’s break down this term, shall we? Does flirting mean using innuendo in a conversation or making overt sexual advances?

No, it’s very much possible stay classy while being a flirt in the purest sense. What it really entails is making a guy feel at ease with your lighthearted side.

Aside from that, being flirty also means indulging in the simple pleasure of making other people feel good about themselves. You can see this in the way a truly flirty woman interacts with people (and NOT just guys), adding happiness to their lives and spreading good feelings all around.

So now you’re wondering: How does one become a good flirt in a TASTEFUL way?

Let me show you the ways:

#1: Update Your Wardrobe

Looks aren’t everything; it does however, get your foot in the door! A great personality is important in the long run, but investing in good “packaging” encourages guys to come over and talk to you.

Think about it this way: dating is a two-way street, and we expect guys to present themselves in a way that allows us to take them seriously. There’s certainly nothing wrong about INITIALLY liking a man for how well he’s put together.

So, we need to play fair by holding up our end. Looking your best comes with the territory – simple as that.

But being up to scratch in this department doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating.

As a general rule of thumb, you should choose outfits that play up your best features and highlight key areas of your body. Yes, it’s OK to take pride in your feminine shape and show a LITTLE bit of skin.

THIS is what flirting is about. By giving guys a good hint of what the rest of you is like, you can drive them crazy while staying well within the limits of decency.

If you don’t have outfits that meet these guidelines, then it’s time you updated your wardrobe with clothes that make you look AND feel good. Being light and playful in this sense goes a long way to disarm a guy and make his jaw DROP.

Not exactly an expert in this field, you say?

Relax, that’s what friends, family and salespeople are for. These folks can offer you guidance on which look suits you best and bring out your irresistible potential.

We all need a little help sometimes so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from those around you. You’ll be surprised how helpful another pair of eyes can be when it comes to figuring out the best way to package yourself.

#2: Chill Out! (Yes, really)

Like we covered earlier, showing a LITTLE vulnerability in the context of dating won’t hurt your street cred. In fact, showing your guy that you’re cool and fun is especially effective if you’re the tough cookie type.

So go ahead and laugh at his jokes, look into his eyes for a bit when he talks to you, and touch his hand for a few seconds when you’re doing the talking.

Showing a guy this side of yourself is a subtle but POWERFUL sign that you’re into him.

Here’s a pro tip: Giving a guy your full focus is one of the most overlooked attraction-boosters.

Lots of women are often caught up in their own heads, constantly trying to come up with a witty response or analyzing every statement that comes out of a guy’s mouth. Don’t think about whether he likes you or double guess your words and actions.

If you find yourself doing this during a conversation, acknowledge what’s happening and cut off this train of thought immediately. Do away with all the expectations, biases and other mental chatter that can make you DEFENSIVE and UPTIGHT.

Don’t worry that you won’t live happily ever after with him. Why worry about crossing a bridge that’s still far, FAR down the road anyway?

Simply enjoy the pleasure of your man’s company and focus your attention on HIM.

#3: Let Him Be The Guy

As we just talked about, there are times when you need to “act like a guy” to get stuff done. No one ever got ahead by being timid or soft-spoken all the time.

However, this is not one of those times.

When you’re with a guy you like, there’s nothing wrong with making him feel like a man. On a primal level, he enjoys doing things for his girl; letting him indulge in this DOESN’T mean you’re NOT on equal footing in the relationship.

So when you’re out on a date with him, allow him the pleasure of flexing his masculinity a bit. Let him pick the time and place to eat, make reservations for the both of you, or choose the movie to see – with your preferences taken into consideration, of course.

Here’s another example: If you’re not the most tech-savvy person out there, this is a good chance to ask for his help. Get him to set up your new smartphone, troubleshoot your computer or install your home theater.

Being the strong, independent woman that you are, he KNOWS that you could do all of these things on your own if you really wanted to. But giving him the chance to “be the guy” in this sense is a form of flirting that he’ll appreciate.

As far as the big picture is concerned, you’re not giving up your power where it really matters.

Even if you choose to be “vulnerable” in this way, he STILL knows that you have an equal say in the relationship and have just as much right as he does to make decisions.

So there you have it. Being a flirt can be done in clever and tempered ways without denying your ambitious or successful nature.

All it really does is connect with a guy in a way reveals the finer aspects of your personality while creating positive emotions in the process. The sooner you apply this frame of mind in your dating life, the more guys you’ll have swooning over you!

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Do Looks Really Matter to Men?


By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

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Do Looks Really Matter to Men?

Yes. Duh.

But also no.

Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way: There is no single, definitive answer to this question. That should ease your worries a little, and we’re going to tell you why!

Yes, looks DO matter—especially in the beginning. Some may find it to be superficial, but think about it: When you first meet a person, what else do you have to go on besides their looks?

You can’t meet someone for the very first time and honestly say, “Gee, they have a beautiful soul.”

And yes, looks DO matter later on in a relationship. Why? Simple. First of all, we all know that the spark often fizzles out of a relationship when someone decides to let himself/herself go.

Anyone will tell you that if you want to keep the relationship/romance alive, you have to make sure you look nice for your partner. That’s a no-brainer.

Ladies, wouldn’t you get tired of seeing your man in sweatpants with dirty hair every day? Of course. You want him to take care of himself, and he would love the same thing out of you.

Remember that a lot of this goes back to self-respect. If you start welcoming your husband home from work every day looking like a victim of the zombie apocalypse, he’s going to wonder why (1) You don’t care enough about yourself to look respectable, and (2) Why you don’t care enough about him to look respectable for HIM. (And make no mistake about it: You should expect the same things in return! It’s not all about the women looking pretty.)

However, like many other aspects of relationships, there’s a little give when it comes to appearances. Should everything that you have with your mate hinge on how you look? Absolutely not.

After all, our bodies are just shells, costumes. It sounds corny and cliché, but it’s true: What’s on the inside is just as important.

A lot of people will say that they have a certain “type”: They like blondes with blue eyes, etc. All it takes is that great personality, though, and all of that will go out of the window.

This is the biggest reason why you should never judge a book by its cover. Ladies, don’t pass up that man that you weren’t initially attracted to just because he’s not tall enough or muscular enough or whatever.

You were so busy judging him based solely on his appearances that you didn’t realize that he has a heart of gold. He volunteers at the local animal shelter, he has a wonderful job, and he’s looking for that special woman to bring into his life. Not too shabby, huh?

As we said earlier, the question, “Do looks really matter to men?” doesn’t have one, clear answer.

Never, ever forget, though, that along with that self-respect we just discussed also comes the concept of respecting yourself enough to know when to walk away.

If you take great care of yourself and know that you look like a million bucks, and yet you’re still “not good enough” for your man—maybe he tells you that you’re not thin enough, not busty enough—tell him to take a hike so that you can start shopping around for a new lover!

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7 Ways To Make Him Love You More


By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away
Learn exactly what pushes men to leave…and how to NEVER feel abandoned or rejected

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love

7 Ways To Make Him Love You More

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing 7 weird and dirty truths about how to melt away coldness, emotional distance, and even serious commitment-phobia in your man – and transform yourself into his most irresistible fantasy.

These tips will empower you to become the rarest of women: one who understands how men think and how they actually experience relationships.

Here’s how to rewire resistance and doubt and transform yourself into the woman your man is ADDICTED to …

1. Help Him Choose You Without Hesitation By Making His Life Easier, Sweeter, And So Much More Satisfying

All guys have a secret question circling endlessly in their heart of hearts that makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the woman they want to spend their lives with.

In its most undiluted, purest form, that question is:

“Will this woman make my life more fulfilling or more difficult?”

The brutal truth is, on some level, most men are afraid to truly commit because they’re afraid you’re going to end up making things harder, not easier.

As a bachelor, life is ripe with what could happen … but as a committed man, all those glorious possibilities get narrowed down to one single choice: YOU.

So, you need to think about all the ways you can choose to make his life either more difficult or more fulfilling.

The easiest way to make any man feel fulfilled and blessed by your feminine presence is by being PROUD of him and being EXCITED about his everyday victories and efforts, even if they seem tiny to you right now.

Your man thrives on female encouragement. And most men are secretly dying – very privately and very silently – for some recognition and admiration from the women in their lives.

Simply validating his choices, supporting his wins, and admiring him out loud (bonus points if you do it where his friends can hear) makes all the difference when it comes time for him to answer his own questions about you.

2. Give Him The One Secret Thing That All Men Want (That He’ll Never, EVER Tell You About)


A man falls in love (and stays in love) based on how he FEELS about himself when he’s with you.

But, the more you make him talk about that love, the less he’ll have the space to actually FEEL it.

The lesson here? You need to be strong enough to give him the space he needs to FEEL his feelings about you.

FACT: many women become very clingy and whiny at the first sign of silence or distance.

They constantly pester for reassurance, air their insecurities, ask for more solid signs of commitment, and ask these sorts of annoying questions:

  • “Did I do something wrong?”
  • “What are you thinking?”
  • “You’ve gone awfully quiet.”
  • “Why are you being distant?”

To a man, these questions – and all the nagging and questioning that go with them – are meaningless.

The truth is, words doesn’t mean anything unless he has the SPACE to FEEL his own feelings about you.

Now is the time to back off, close the oven door, and let things cook along without interference. Trust me – the cake will taste better with a little timely neglect.

3. Use The Astonishing Power Of Sexual Enthusiasm

For a man to feel like you’re the woman his entire future revolves around, he needs to actually perceive you as a feminine spirit at your core.

This is what begets the dance of the sexes and the glorious chemistry that fuels the fire of his attraction to you.

But when you lessen his masculinity, emasculate him with words, or wall off your own femininity by acting cold, hard, and stony, you take away his power and you make him feel weak and degraded …

… and then he associates those feelings with you, which automatically triggers his barriers and causes him to back away. (Hey, I didn’t write the rules.)

The truth is, sex is VERY important to nearly all men.

And if you often turn away from him in bed, withhold sex, or act as though you’ve got more important stuff to do, you’re whittling away at the very core of your relationship’s fire and sustenance.

Look: I’m not going to tell you that you should make love even if you genuinely don’t feel like it.

But I will tell you that a woman with a healthy sexual appetite – and one whose love of sex is focused like a laser beam on HIM – is someone that most men would find very attractive.

4. Addict Him To Your Femininity Like A Guilty Teenager Smoking That First-Ever Cigarette

Your femininity is the most powerful force you will ever possess.

Through it, you’ll gain access to the most CRUCIAL key to a man’s heart: making him feel like the powerful, warrior-hearted MAN he really is. (Remember, he falls in love with you based on how he feels in your presence.)

Above all else, your femininity is what inflames his masculinity …

… it’s what turns a dismal ember into a raging, oxygen-sucking, heat-roaring towering inferno …

… and makes him view you with that peculiar, powerful mixture of pride, lust, awe, and worship. When you act like a woman, you give him permission to act like a man, own his powers, and feel like a warrior …

… and secretly, he’ll ADORE you for it.

So don’t shy away from your feminine powers!

Look … you know that little “catch” in the air that happens when you say or do something particularly warm, sweet, or sexy for him?

That little “twitch” in the pit of your stomach you feel when he catches your eye after you charm him with your feminine grace or wisdom?

That’s called sexual chemistry.

It’s a sign that you’ve triggered his deepest, most masculine instincts toward you. It’s one of your most irresistible powers.

And if you use it frequently, fearlessly, and well, you will become a MAJOR victory in his life.

5. Get Him To Irrevocably Associate YOU With All The Excitement And Fun That Life Has To Offer

Listen: if you’re anything like most women, you tend to feel turned-off and “blah” about their relationship when you feel ignored, under-appreciated, and unnoticed.

Guess what? Guys feel those same exact feelings, too … but we feel them when things feel motionless in the relationship.

The trick to overcoming this lack and forcing him into a surging emotional funnel of whitewater intensity is by getting him to regularly experience fun, excitement, and momentum in the relationship.

So how the heck do you get him to do THAT?

Well, it’s very, very simple …

If a guy feels like nothing will ever change, that you are always the same, and that his sense of excitement about life is gone forever so long as he stays with you, he will VERY QUICKLY start to pull away.

Guys have a sensitive radar for boredom … truth is, we like to be kept on our toes a little. It’s a delicate balance of “free spirit” and “integrity”, and once you’ve reached it for yourself, trust me, you’ll know …because he won’t be able to stop following you with his eyes, bragging to his friends about how AMAZING you are, and constantly showering you with a warm, sexy downpour of affection, appreciation, and love.

I don’t have the time to go into the details right now, but you’ll learn the exact details of this precise, powerful strategy in Why He Pulls Away – and you’ll never again fall into the trap of neutrality and commitment-killing staleness that endangers his love for you.

6. Avoid Triggering His “Freedom-Cancer Alert” By Expanding His Life And Adding To His Dreams

You’ve probably noticed how a lot of guys seem afraid of commitment, right?

Well, it’s not because they’re loveless social robots. In fact, most men crave the companionship and loving affection of a good woman, just like you crave the love and affection of a great man.

But, men ARE afraid of what a relationship can bring …

… and that fear is centered around “freedom cancer”:

The slow, agonizing death of his hopes, dreams, and aspirations for change and growth.

If you want your man to hone in on you like a laser-beam and commit to you as powerfully and fiercely as a starving bear guards the last honeycomb of the season, you need to make sure he knows that you want to ADD to his life, not subtract from it.

So be prepared to be supportive.

Don’t whine, don’t mock, and don’t wet-blanket.

Think about giving him what he needs to be happy, not just what you feel like giving today.

Then – whether it’s your blessing for a 3 month trip to India, your encouragement with a scary new business venture, or simply a heartfelt “you look HOT today!” – give it. Unreservedly, and with full appreciation of both the man he is and the man he’s striving to become.

7. Avoid Doing The One Thing That Will CRUSH His Love Into Shriveled, Lifeless Splinters

This is possibly the MOST IMPORTANT thing you could ever learn about the male mind and how your guy experiences relationship.

Matter of fact, if you do this right, you’ll melt away his commitment fears like icicles in the noonday sun and crack open his sealed-over Love Vault like an SAS task-force.

So what is it?

You’ve got to AVOID doing this one simple, terrible thing:

Emasculating him with your razor-tongued words.

AKA: ripping his testicles off and creating an emasculated, disenfranchised eunuch with no balls, no testosterone, and no manly, foe-crushing powers left to impress you with.

Obviously, no woman does this intentionally …

… and yet it still happens ALL THE TIME.


By criticizing, making light of, and belittling the very things he bases his sense of worth, manhood, and pride on.

Generally, I’m talking about his ability to make you happy. In particular, I’m talking about his ability to PROVIDE.

Let’s get specific:

  • The income he earns
  • The lifestyle he lives
  • The way he makes love
  • His ability to please you sexually, emotionally, or financially
  • The amount of time he spends with you and the family

These things are at the very core of a man’s soul.

So if you are constantly criticizing and griping about how his efforts are not enough for you, you will emasculate him, you will weaken him, and you will literally shave pieces off his soul just as if you were dragging him through broken glass.

Remember, what motivates a man is his ability to PLEASE YOU. He does this by trying to provide for you: whether that’s financially, emotionally, physically, or sexually.


To devour the full, unbridled secrets of how you can reverse self-defeating patterns in your relationship, check out Why Men Pull Away, my latest book exposing proven methods for rescuing your relationship and rewiring the intimacy in your man’s mind.



What He’s Secretly Thinking About YOU


By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

If you want genuine men and not just any man, this will challenge your beliefs about love and attraction, and show you the way to become a seduction success story, check this out…

Free Video: Get A Great Guy Guide

What He’s Secretly Thinking About You

To write this blog post, I personally surveyed thousands of men and women to find out what men really think about women, love, sex, and commitment …

… what questions women really want answered about the men in their lives …

… and how to boil it all down into a few simple, easily-applicable principles that you can use to improve your love life RIGHT NOW.

You’re about to dip your toe in a vast underground pool of private, behind-the-scenes “locker-room” information – a secret relationship resource for a select few of the smartest women, designed to teach you the hard-to-handle truth about how men think and what they really feel …

… about you.

You’ll learn how to interpret his secret masculine instincts … how to listen with your heart to what he’s REALLY saying … and how to recognize the daily patterns of truth and deceit in your very own relationship.

Here’s what this means for you:

You’re about to set yourself free from the constant wondering … the uncomfortable, undignified begging for validation, affection, and attention … and those painful feelings of being alone, lonely, and insecure.

With these secrets, he won’t have to “open up” to you any more, because you’ll ALREADY KNOW his deepest, most elemental secrets and behavioral truths.

(Truth be told, I really shouldn’t be sharing this stuff with you … it’s going to make a LOT of guys pretty upset … because these truths will expose the secret masks he uses when he doesn’t want you to know what he’s thinking.)

So what’s the deal?

Well, it all boils down to the key elements of understanding how a man’s mind and heart really works.

So let’s get started: two ugly truths about the male mind that you need to know.

(Warning: these truths are not pretty … reader discretion is strongly advised. Leave this page NOW if you’re easily offended.)

TRUTH ONE: When He Says “I Love You”, There’s A HUGE Chance He Means Something Other Than What You Think He Means …

Fact: Men prioritize things differently to you, and they feel and deal with their emotions differently from you.

This is a FACT that’s based on sound evolutionary science and the basic principles of human anthropology.

Put simply, it comes from the fact that the male brain is wired VERY differently from the female brain.

(I know … big surprise, right?)

But in all seriousness, this has a MASSIVE impact on your life and the quality of your relationships with men.

Something that most women don’t realize is that men are just as excited about commitment, love, and having a truly committed relationship as YOU are…

… butthey feel things differently, they deal with those feelings differently, and they talk about them differently to you.

All this can create a lot of pain and hardship for women everywhere.

So the first thing you need to understand is that men view commitment, love, and marriage VERY differently from you.

In fact, to a man, the words “I love you” almost always do NOT mean what most women believe these words to mean …

… unless a VERY specific set of circumstances precedes those words.

And without those circumstances, he might as well be lying right to your face …

… and don’t bother confronting him about it, because he will never, EVER “come clean” and admit the truth.

(Why? Because if he ever told you the truth, you’d never sleep with him again. Simple as that.)

So here’s the shocking truth and what it really means for YOUR relationship…

(WARNING: if you are a woman and you’re reading this, prepare to feel uncomfortable …)

So here it is … the shocking truth based on the secret, most private, deep-down dirty and private truths coming right from the mouths of THOUSANDS of real-life men:

The words “I love you”, “I want to marry you”, and “I want to be with you forever” mean ZILCH when they come from a man’s mouth …

UNLESS he’s also proving that he means those words by the way he talks to you, touches you, and ACTS around you.

Sounds crazy, right?

But it’s not. It happens all the time. And here’s what it means for you:

Even though most women tend to place a lot of value on spoken words of commitment and love …

… when it comes to true commitment from a MAN, words are actually pretty much MEANINGLESS.

Here’s why.

As a woman, you have a massive language center deep in your brain that outshines anything the pitiful male vocabulary can come up with.

(Matter of fact, women are so focused on language that they regularly produce vocal tones and subtle linguistic meanings that the male mind literally can’t even recognize.)

Men aren’t really “word creatures”. We’re creatures of the heart, the instinct, and the brutal, take-no-prisoners masculine “huntsman” attitude … not creatures of the vocab and the larynx.

Here’s why this matters:

To a man, real commitment comes from a deep-down feeling – a soul feeling – that a relationship is right and good, that you make him feel like a king, and that he simply wants to be with you because of the way you make him FEEL.

In other words, you need to get this fact about men:

To the male mind, commitment happens when he’s happy being with you.

And if he’s not FEELING that happiness, it doesn’t matter how much you “talk” about the relationship, how many times he says “I love you” …

… even if he presents you with a wedding ring.

Nope: to a guy …

… even if he’s shaping the words “I love you” with his lips RIGHT NOW …

… if he isn’t FEELING the commitment, it’s not happening … and the more you try and make it happen, the less it’ll happen.

And that’s why you can’t always TRUST those words that come out of his mouth. Because if your common sense is alerting you that something doesn’t quite “add up” … if he’s SAYING he’s happy but acting different … or if he’s telling you he loves you but you’re not so sure …

Chances are, you’re RIGHT.

The truth is, real commitment is something that just happens naturally when two people are really happy together.

It has nothing to do with promises, obligations, children, mortgages, or even legal contracts like marriage.

And guys KNOW it. This is simply how they operate.

So forget about all the surface “proof” of love and commitment. Forget about what he’s saying – and what you WANT him to say.

Instead, stop listening with your ears. Stop listening to his words. And start listening with your HEART.

Here is the ONLY question you’ll EVER need to ask yourself to ascertain how your man’s really feeling about you, your love, and your relationship:

Can you FEEL his love for you?

Because if you can’t …

… if he isn’t acting like a man who’s deeply in love …

… if he isn’t smiling with his entire face when he talks to you, openly enjoying your company, acting like he wants to take care of you, making sure you’re happy …

… and letting you know with his body language, his eyes, and his face that he loves you 

… then it doesn’t matter what he’s SAYING.

Commitment can’t be faked, and for a man, he will READILY LIE in order to keep you happy while he figures out for certain how he’s really feeling.

The truth is, true, genuine, spontaneous, unbreakable commitment comes from how he feels about himself when you’re around.

A man falls in love with YOU, sure … but the key secret ingredient of that love, the spark that sets his gunpowder alight, is how he feels ABOUT HIMSELF when he’s with you.

And nothing else matters.

NOT what he says…

… NOT what he gives you…

… and NOT even what he promises.

So what happens if your man’s NOT showing you with his heart that he’s happy?

What if he’s not feeling the commitment?

What if he’s LYING with his words … SAYING he loves you … but telling you in every other way that he’s not happy?

If your man is acting cold and distant, or if you even so much as suspect that things aren’t as rosy as they could be, first of all know this:

Forcing him to talk about it will only do more harm.

Remember, guys don’t change their feelings based on what you say to them.

But you don’t have to panic.

When you learn how to communicate with him in a way that his special male brain and instincts automatically recognize and assimilate, you’ll find his barriers melting like ice-cream on a hot sidewalk …

… and you’ll find him treating you with respect, love, and even genuine adoration, because you’ll be the ONE WOMAN who actually “gets” him, the ONE WOMAN who actually understands his needs, and the ONE WOMAN who can see for herself how he experiences relationships.

It’s powerful stuff.

And inside Why Men Pull Away, I use my years of experience as a nationally-recognized relationship coach …

… plus the secret, most private, little-known truths of THOUSANDS of real-life men …

… to expose all the ways you can reverse negative relationship patterns virtually overnight and start basking in the attention, affection, and adoration that you desire and deserve.

TRUTH TWO: For A Man To Fall In Love With You, He Needs You To POWERFULLY Trigger His Masculinity FIRST

Here’s the thing: men believe in soul-mates just as much as you do.

However, guys are naturally more cautious about relationships and commitment.

It’s not that we don’t want to fall in love.

It’s that we need the circumstances to be exactly right first.

(There’s a reason why, in more than 50% of relationships, it’s not the man who says “I love you” first!)

To put it plainly: we need to know that we’re making you very, very happy before we’ll allow ourselves to risk falling in love. Being appreciated, complimented, and needed is a powerful turn-on for a man. It makes us feel … well, like men.

I know it’s not politically correct and all, but the plain and simple truth is that femininity draws in men like moths to a flame … and the more feminine you are, the more you make US feel like MEN …

… and the more we love you for it.

That means we need to be needed. Because like it or not, that’s what a man is for: to take care of you, to make sure you’re happy, and to please you.

So, being needed, being wanted, and knowing we’re doing a good job of doing it  is the sweetest possible reward to a man.

And since we fall in love with YOU based on how you make us feel about OURSELVES … well, your appreciation makes us feel like Atlas, Hercules, and Brad Pitt all rolled into one.

And then we love you even more.

But not to be needed?

For a guy, that’s like death by Chinese water-torture: slow, humiliating, and agonizing. Only, this way, all our friends are watching … all YOUR friends are watching … and everyone else can look in and see how badly we’re getting on.

It’s all about masculinity. Remember, men fall in love based on how we feel about ourselves when we’re with you.

That means he needs to feel like a strong, powerful man before he can feel love for anyone else … including YOU.

So for a guy to fall deeply, irrevocably in love with you …

… he first needs to know that he’s “in the lead”:

He needs to know that you love him, that he pleases you, that you think he’s a big, juicy catch, and that his ex-girlfriend must have been NUTS to let him go.

He needs to know that he makes you happy before he’ll allow himself to experience the full strength of his love for you.

That’s just how guys are.

So what can you do to facilitate this nifty turn of events?

Well, it’s really quite simple: you just have to notice him more.

You know how you feel when you put on a really cute dress, do your hair, and generally spend about forty-five minutes pulling yourself together?

When you know you look hot … and you just want to be appreciated for it …

… but all you get from him is a noncommittal “you look nice”?

Guess what: guys feel the same way. His soul is CRYING OUT for a little feminine approval, congratulation, and yes, even adoration – from YOU.

He wants you to notice how broad his shoulders look in that suit.

He wants you to notice how movie-star scruffy his jawline looks with a 5 o’clock shadow.

He wants you to notice how white his teeth are, how amazing his smile is, that he has a cute butt, that you love being around him.

All you have to remember is that the strength of his love for you is based directly on how awesome he feels about himself when you’re in the room with him.

And for any man to feel like his happiest, strongest, most generous, masculine self, he needs to know that YOU love and appreciate HIM ALSO.

NOTE: this doesn’t mean saying the words “I love you” a whole lot.

Remember, guys aren’t particularly strong on the words front. Instead, he’s looking for you to show it in ways that he can recognize and appreciate.

So pay attention to the details, break out the compliments, squeeze his biceps admiringly … and maybe pat him on the butt every now and then in passing.

He’ll love you for it …

… and more importantly, he’ll FEEL your love for him – in such a way that allows him to fall even deeper in love with YOU.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn why men pull away – Click here to watch my free video presentation…

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love (VIDEO)

How To Keep the Losers Out Of Your Life



By Mirabelle Summers
Author of Get A Great Guy Guide

If you want genuine men and not just any man, this will challenge your beliefs about love and attraction, and show you the way to become a seduction success story, check this out…

Free Video: Get A Great Guy Guide

How To Keep the Losers Out Of Your Life

One of the biggest challenges of giving relationship advice to people is telling them like it is while not being too blunt about it.

Honestly, I don’t mind sharing my insights whenever the guy in their life is giving them some grief. But the thing I’ve noticed with these poor gals is that their problems aren’t just AVOIDABLE, but also caused by their OWN doing.

At first, you’d think these girls have the worst of luck when it comes to men. Why else would they wind up with one jerk after another?

But the hard truth is that these losers are in their lives because they ALLOWED it to happen.

They may not have any control over their guy’s jerky behavior, but ENABLING it is another matter. Sometimes, I feel like telling them that it’s THEIR fault for putting up with it, but constructive advice is a lot more effective than playing the blame game.

Based on my own experience, I’ve learned a little trick to break the nasty cycle of dating the same jerk over and over. After I made a subtle but powerful shift in my attitude, the right kind of men came into my life – while keeping the wrong ones out.

Know what that trick is? It’s called Taking It One Step At A Time.

Quality guys understand that winning over a girl is a process that happens in phases. They’re sensible enough to make sure a girl’s comfortable enough before turning up things a notch.

In other words, these guys know it takes work to get into a healthy and stable relationship – they don’t take a girl’s affection for granted.

So, attracting this type of man means not rushing into a relationship (or his bed) at the first chance you get.

It also means not putting your entire life on hold for him just to make sure that he sticks around. If you’re so worried that he might bail on you if you don’t give him 110% of your time, then you should ask yourself if he’s worth keeping in the first place.

Any man worth your time isn’t going to force you to cancel your yoga class, lunch with the girls or any other important stuff in your life before he came along.

Backing off a little and letting the courtship run its course will do you a whole lot of good. You don’t have to kiss him on the first date (or more), take a sick day from work just to see him, or start cooking him five-course meals when he comes over for dinner.

Pace yourself – a slow burn is better than pulling out all the stops for him. Besides, there’s no fun in that for him.

A man doesn’t have much of an incentive to pursue a girl who runs herself ragged just to get his approval. Remember, great relationships are only possible when the people involved are on EQUAL footing.

If you’re willing to take your time and get a feel of each other (figuratively speaking) before committing to something serious, it shows that you value yourself.

Think of it this way: a self-respecting attitude acts as a sort of filter that separates the wheat from the chaff.

As for the short-term guys with the habit of leaving women high and dry, they’ll take their business elsewhere rather than stick around and win you over.

Don’t lose any sleep or waste any tears over them, sweetie – after all, it’s their loss.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn why men pull away – Click here to watch my free video presentation…

Why Men Pull Away…and What Makes Them STAY In Love (VIDEO)


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