How to Lose 50 Pounds Fast and Safe


Losing 50 pounds is expected life goals that look a little bit intimidating. Be rest assured that you simply will hump if you are taking a strategic approach to your weight loss. Winning methods include counting calories and increasing exercise, however, there are some extra techniques that may offer you the sting on success, including breakfast in your diet routine, recommended by the University of Michigan Health System.

Make sure you are starting your day with a two-egg omelet loaded up with tons of veggies — red peppers, kale, and spinach, or a mix of asparagus, thinly-sliced fennel and mushrooms.

Try also to focus your diet on foods low on the glycemic index, recommends UM. Low-GI foods actually help to keep your blood sugar levels stable position,

1. Work Out During Your Four-Month Weight Loss

When you are going for associate degree aggressive weight loss goal, you’ll have to extend the quantity of calories you burn through activity. obtaining additional active makes it easier to form that one,400-calorie “gap” you wish for weight loss while not depriving yourself of essential nutrition. arrange on regular cardio sessions to burn additional calories. produce a varied cardio schedule that alternates longer, moderate-intensity exercise — sort of a 60-minute sweat on the elliptical — with shorter interval workouts that increase your metabolism.

2. Stay Away From Diet Soda

The first  — and definitely most vital — steps you ought to withstand your weight loss journey is to not drink your calories. Now, you almost certainly already understand that things like regular soda or calorie-packed Starbucks drinks ar unhealthy for you, however, did you recognize diet sodas ar as well?

Unfortunately, it’s true. Why’s that? For starters, they slow your metabolism which suggests your body can burn fewer calories day by day. This happens thanks to the very fact that diet soda, despite being zero calories and typically zero carbs, square measure extremely processed foods.

That means your body will little work digesting them, which means you don’t get the good thing about turning on your body’s fat-burning engines that uptake additional natural foods provides you. however, wait — there’s still more!

Drinking diet soda conjointly activates your “fat genes,” will increase abdomen fat, and triggers your appetence

3. Try Some Coconut Oil

Let’s locomote to a positive (and terribly straightforward to follow) amendment you’ll create, that is adding vegetable oil into your diet. extremely popular among people that have with success lost fifty pounds or additional, vegetable oil provides several advantages together with boosting your metabolism and reducing abdominal fat.

Two studies verified these theories by having participants supplement their diets with simply 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil per day. The high quantity of what is known as medium chain fatty acids in vegetable oil ar processed otherwise by your body than different fats.

This ends up in a thermogenic, or fat-burning, the impact that boosts your metabolism by the maximum amount as five-hitter per day. That interprets to roughly a hundred and twenty calories per day, simply by having a handful of tablespoons of the oil daily. That’s not therefore robust, huh?

These same fatty acids were conjointly found to scale back study participants’ appetites, to the purpose that some were taking in as several as 256 fewer calories day by day. think about what number of pounds of weight loss which will add up to in only some months time!

4. Eat With a Purpose

Nutrition research worker John Barban has long been better-known for his specialise in the inherent variations between men and ladies once it involves obtaining results from diet and exercise. He recently started accenting what he calls the “5 wonder veggies for women.”

Studies showed that once ladies add these common vegetables to their diet their metabolisms (and as a result, weight loss) multiplied considerably, no matter the woman’s mode or body form.

Now, these don’t appear therefore laborious to figure into your mode, do they? Don’t worry if you have got an occurrence here and there — those happen to all of us. simply confirm to instantly revisit on the proper track!

5. Be Lazy and Stay in Bed

Now here’s some weight loss recommendation we are able to all fall behind, right!? however specifically, you’re speculating, can sleep a lot of assisting you to lose weight? Well, it’s easy truly. Sleep deprivation is linked to higher stress levels similarly as slowed metabolisms.

When you’re stressed, your body produces a lot of a hormone referred to as Hydrocortone. And guess what awful aspect result it has? Increasing appetite! combine that with a slowed metabolism, and you’ll see why obtaining lots of sleep is absolutely vital if you would like to turn and keep it off.

6. Start Planning and Prepping

We’re all ultra-motivated once beginning a replacement diet. then again reality hits, and rather than having a healthy sandwich or dish for lunch we have a tendency to hit the burger joint, promising ourselves it’s just today that we’re progressing to do that. and so it happens the following day, and also the next… you recognize the drill.

So, however, can we avoid this from happening? By coming up with and prepping your meals! choose a time weekly (Sunday night, for instance) wherever you’ll build healthy lunches and snacks for the week. Portion them out into containers, therefore, there’ll be no temptation to overindulge.

How will this help? When we’re stressed, our self-control goes out the door. By having a healthy meal already to go along, the simplest choice will also be the healthiest one! If you wish some ideas to urge you started, look into our article on healthy snacks.

7. Get Your Liquid

Try having a glass of water (if not two) half-hour before every meal. this can be well-tried to help make the pounds fall off.

And we’re not talking about simply a pound or 2. Researchers found that any person who did this lost a median of nine.48 pounds over simply twelve weeks — while not creating the other changes to their lifestyle. however, let’s kick things up another notch…

…by conjointly drinking green tea! Have some green tea 2 hours after you must have finished eating and you’ll raise your resting metabolism by 4%, that means you burn a further eighty calories each single day. You’ll additionally boost your body’s ability to burn fat by 17%!

Note: don’t drink tea on an empty belly, as this causes stomach upset for a lot of people. You’ll additionally wish to avoid it throughout meal times because it can inhibit your body’s absorption of iron.




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